Securing residential estates

Secure by Design

A Guide to Residential Estate Security

"The purpose of Secure by Design: A Guide to Residential Estate Security is to educate all parties – be they service providers, homeowners associations and their board members, or body corporate trustees – in the underlying theory of security. This will enable them to have constructive discussions at all levels."

The guide offers the residential community industry the opportunity to improve residential security and to empower community management with knowledge by reading and embracing the principles provided in the book. 

The handbook is divided into 3 sections:

Basic Theory

Some basic theories, concepts and ideas that will help you succeed in the world of security.

Building the Control Room

The engine room of a successful security solution, the key to making it all work and having control.


The ‘making it happen’ part of security, the operational activities.

About the Handbook

Securing residential estates in South Africa has become a big business. It is not clear which estate initiated the secure-living trend, but rumour has it that it was a small one from the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. It’s likely it was Selbourne Golf Estate, developed by Denis Barker, in the early 1980s.

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Today, there are thousands of estates embracing the concept of secure living in response to an increase in crime. Security estates, as they’ve become known, offer a varied level of sophistication. This is because security improvements were initially conducted on an ad hoc basis in reaction to an incident. However, now we are seeing some standardisation across developments, and this is a positive for the industry.

‘By adopting my methods and strategies, estates can look forward to improved security solutions and good returns on their technological investments,’

– Rob Anderson Pr Eng, MIET | Secure by Design Author

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