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As with all industries, terminology develops over time, often without a clear definition. Everybody starts using the terms. The pictures in the minds of the audience can, however, vary substantially. This is particularly difficult when the client and service provider have a different understanding of the term. So what should

ISO 1104-3 Update

Posted on 8 Mar 2022
In the Control Room section of the book, reference is made to ISO 1104-3. This has ended up in some confusion and possibly an error in the code number.  The code is available as a BS, BS EN, and ISO document. It turns out that there is a series of

The History of Estate Security

Posted on 8 Mar 2022
Securing residential estates in South Africa has become a big business, but how did it start? It is not clear which estate was the first, but rumour has it that it was a small estate that started on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. This was probably Selborne Golf Estate, developed

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